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2009. február 18., szerda

Blogger Buzz: iLike: Add a soundtrack to your blog

Blogger Buzz: iLike: Add a soundtrack to your blog: "Blogger Buzz - The Official Buzz from Blogger in Google"

Subject: We need to achieve a few stretch goals a whole lot faster...

Hi --

I found something I thought you would be interested in. I am excited about it, so I just signed up as an "Evangelist"!

This company ( has developed a new training system that helps people achieve their goals sooner (personally and professionally) -- by giving you the tools to immediately produce better results. Their starter package costs nothing but 2 minutes of your time.

They are the ONLY people in the world who can show you...

* What you are doing RIGHT -- so you can do MORE of that...
* What you are doing WRONG -- so you can do LESS of that...
* Exactly what you need to do DIFFERENT to accelerate your success.

To introduce their new product line, they are giving away 10 million audio CD training programs covering different areas of your performance: setting goals, making plans, team-building, organization, time management, your attitude, etc.

You should get one before they run out! There's no obligation to purchase anything.

The idea is to simply choose one area of your performance, either a major strength... and make it stronger... or a limiting weakness... and eliminate it. Either way, this program focuses on personal improvement in a whole new way.

They have all kinds of simple on-line tests, assessments, workshops and a Daily Lessons in Excellence email training program that really works! I highly recommend it.

To sign up, just go to

Enter this number in the Gift Certificate box: 111029 (this is how I get credit!)

Talk to you soon.


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